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Hi all!

I'm new here...and it's been a while since CCS was "in the spotlight", and a while since this group was active, but I am struggling to find raws of Cardcaptor Sakura. I want to see how the characters refer to one another and address one another and I really need the originals/raws for that. Any ideas, links, groups...?

Please and thank you! ^^

UPDATE: barbecued is THE BEST and got me functioning, real files in my moment of need. Big thanks, all around! <3


I"m sorry if I'm breaking any rules because this has nothing to do with Clamp, but people need to know.
Text copied from minamoto, who copied it from capkink.

In the recent LJ news post LJ-staff sneakily mentions that "Comment pages have been redesigned!" with no further information and that these changes will go live on Tuesday, 20th Dec 2011. These changes had been communicated to Russian language user-base for some time in their Russian beta-site, but this post was the first indication of the change for English-language users.

These changes means NO MORE VISIBLE SUBJECT LINES TO COMMENTS starting Tuesday, which means most meme activity will become difficult if not impossible. After pages of comments there has been only one message from the LJ-staff which tells users to switch to S2 style if they want to see comment headings. The S2 styles, which are not only unable to handle large numbers of comments but are also not very accessible to everyone. The only reason given for this change, is that (no subject) on collapsed comments entries with no heading looks ugly, and that "less than 1% user base uses headings".

So, if you don't like this change and specially if you have paid journals, please go and make your voice heard, please please try to remain calm and polite and rational, and remember that ficcing and RPing and Memeing is not the only thing that goes on, on LJ and that LJ provides a very important platform for the Russian political blogosphere, (which is not very happy with this change either). But please make you voice heard (and spread the word if possible).

Seriously, people. Spread the word!
09 January 2006 @ 02:16 pm
Welcome everybody. You are now in clamp2share community. The place where you will find every Clamp's stuffs you've been searching for. =^o^=

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